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Pest Control Southport is based in Southport and Preston, offering a professional and efficient pest control service throughout Preston and Southport.

Whether domestic, commercial or agricultural, our aim is to provide a fast, friendly and effective pest control service with highest customer care at a competitive price. Using the latest tech and more traditional pest and vermin control methods, we have a wide range of solutions to all your pest control problems at our fingertips. Some of the pests that we control include the following: Wasp • Ant • Flea • Flie • Rat • Mouse • Squirrel • Mole • Rabbit • Bird • Mink • Fox We offer a comprehensive pest control service in a wide range of situations, from individual pest control treatments to annual pest control contracts.

Some of our clients include: Domestic Properties, Offices, Public Houses, Shop, Restaurants, Industrial Units, Farms, Stables, Golf Courses, Landowners / Managers etc. Please feel free to call our professional pest control team.

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