Fly Control – Flies

Food is the main reason that flies (such as house files & bottle flies) are attracted into our homes. This is because it is a perfect environment for fly larvae to grow:

  • Always cover food – diseases are spread by flies landing on food via their feet
  • Clean food crumbs from underneath objects in the kitchen
  • Clear away spillages
  • Store compost effectively
  • Tightly seal all refuse areas
  • Clean up after pets – not only are faeces the perfect breeding place for flies but also somewhere a fly may land before landing on your food

Professional fly control

While off-the-shelf products can deal with smaller fly problems, a professional fly pest control service will be required for larger or more serious infestations.

Pest technicians are knowledgeable about each fly species and have a range of treatments to effectively deal with flies and minimise the nuisance caused by them.

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