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What are the benefits to you?


  • Industry specific. (People searching this site will be looking for you)
  • Gain trust by using of the official Pest Control In approved pest control badge on your website, stationary and van.
  • We do the hard work and save you money as it’s designed and maintained by a real pest control technician and our very own successful award winning Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation company Your Complete Solutions Group.
  • Unique and exclusive listings (One Company per post code area so you will be ahead of your competitors and won’t be competing against other company’s)
  • Saving you money, earning you money and Optimising your marketing in order to get the best Return on your investment.
  • Will help your own website rank highly in Google’s natural listing’s and other search engines giving you more trust and exposure to potential client’s*.


Did you know that recent research has shown that 90% of people now use the internet to search for a service and avoid paper based directories such as a telephone book or the Yellow Pages, Google is the biggest platform and we want to put you at the top of it.

By subscribing to this site you will be advertising your pest control services to thousands of potential customers.

How does the site work?

Unlike other directories, Pest Control In only displays one approved pest control Company per postcode area, which means potential customers are not presented with an overwhelming list to choose from, and you are not competing against your competitors.

Once listed, your chosen postcodes are locked to your account (the postcode areas are yours), this means that you will not be in competition with other pest control company’s in your post code areas. We will also add a link to your own website from your optimised advert page which will also improve your own website rankings*.

The annual subscription to Pest Control In will normally be £249 but for the launch we are giving you a chance to get on the winning marketing ladder ahead of your competitors and offering a unique seo friendly listing for just £99 irrespective of how many postcodes you decide to take; to a maximum of 10 exclusive postcode areas (if you want more give us a call or you can email Chloe We now also offer a standard listing which is included in the county search facility for free (but this is not exclusive).

The future…

Over the last couple of years along with our own experience we have collected customer search queries about all aspects of pest control, and are now building a comprehensive questions and answers database which is available to both pest controller and customer alike on our main pages, You will also be able to log into the members section of the site where you can update your advert whenever you choose.

We will continue to expand and improve our database information and keep it up to date.

We believe that independent pest controllers provide a better service than larger companies as it is their own reputation at stake, which is why we want to recommend your business to potential customers.

So what are you waiting for claim your postcode areas by signing up below before your competition take your listings and post code areas.

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As a direct client you will benefit from:

pci 1000+ Members
The largest community of Pest Control Technicians in the UK.*

increase sales Increase Your Sales
Let new customers find you easily using our unique searchable member directory.

save money Save £££
Save money! For £1.90 a week we do the marketing for you, so all you need to do is focus on the jobs that come rolling in.

local pest control Pest Control In Profile Page
Show off your skills with a Pest Control In optimised profile page.

customer service Optional Telephone Answering + Customer Service*
We can speak with the customer(s) morning, noon and evening and complete the request pest control quote form for them.

approved pest control Official Approved Pest Control Badge
Gain trust with clients showing your a true professional with the use of the official Approved Pest Control Badge on your website stationary and van.


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Ensure to beat your competitors and get your postcodes locked in before they are gone!


Link Exchange

  • 1 Unique Postcode Areas
  • Full Exclusivity*
  • 3 Town Listings
  • 2 County Listings
  • Own Editable Page*


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Free Listing

  • 1 County Listing
  • 1 Town Listing


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Professional Plan

  • All Of 1 and 2 Plans
  • 10 Unique Postcode Areas
  • Full Postcode Exclusivity
  • 5 County Listings
  • 20 Town Listings
  • Links to Your Website
  • SEO Friendly
  • Own Editable Page*
  • Testimonials
  • And More


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